Yangon rice market price remains stable

The price of Pawsan rice, which has risen sharply in the Yangon market, has remained unchanged without further price increases, said a rice businessman on 11 August.
The price of Shwebo Pawson rice has been rising sharply this month, reaching about K90,000 per bag.
It is reported that the Shwebo Pawsan market price is K85,000 per bag. The price is different depending on various types of Shwebo Pawsan rice. Everyone can also see Shwebo Pawsan, which retails at K3,600-K3,700 per pyi, local farmers said.
Pawsan rice from the Ayeyawady region has also increased in price by around K7,000 per bag.
In the retail home delivery market, a bag of Myaungmya rice is K72,000 and a bag of Pyapon rice is K70,000.
Upon increasing prices, most of the consumers in Yangon have already bought it, so the demand for Pawsan rice in the market may be lower than usual.
From 3 August, associations will be selling three kinds of Pawsan rice at a low price per bag per household at the Wadan Commodity Depot.
Even in Ayeyawady Region where Pawsan rice is produced, the price has also increased due to the price of Shwebo Pawsan rice.
The price of Shwebo Pawsan rice is usually higher than Pathein and Myaungmya rice by K5,000 per bag, but when the new Pawsan rice entered the market this year, it was sold at the same price at K43,000 per bag in January, which is unique this year, according to a shopkeeper of the Bayintnaung Rice Market. — TWA/GNLM

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