Yazagyo Dam resumes power generation, starts supplying to national grid

Aerial view of Yazagyo Dam. Photo : Shin Nay Min (Gangaw)

The Yazagyo Dam, which received reduced water supply from the Nerinjara River this summer and was in danger of drying up, resumed power generation at its 2MW plant and began supplying electricity to the national grid on 9 July according to Staff officer U Myo Tun, incharge of the dam. The dam, located in the northern part of Kalay, Sagaing Region, has a storage capacity of about 52,000 acre feet. It has been filling up with silt and logs ever since a naturally formed landslide dam on Chin Hill collapsed in 2015.
The authorities have been working to provide sufficient irrigation water for plantation and electricity generation since ever water began flowing into the dam this rainy season. The dam has also begun providing irrigation water to fields through channels.
A step-by-step process was implemented and power transmission to the national grid began on 9 July, he said.
The volume of water fed into the dam by the Nerinjara River, which originates in Chin State, had decreased from over 60,000 cubic feet per second in the rainy season to 70 cubic feet this summer. — Shin Nay Min (Gangaw)
(Translated by La Wonn)

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