YBS is at the people’s service!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • These days news about YBS buses has taken the top position as Yangonians face their problems every day. In fact, it is not a new problem but an old problem inherited from the old regime. After abolishing the Ma Hta Tha’s old bus line system, YBS had been substituted for it, since the middle of the month of January, reaching over 3 months. Having endured the bitter experiences of Ma Hta Tha for long, Yangon city dwellers wholeheartedly supported the new YBS. At the launching of the new system, the commuters were eager to be liberated from many sufferings such as unfriendly and rude bus-drivers, bus-conductors and passengers, careless over-speeding, treating travelers with vulgar usages and aggressive actions towards fellow drivers and passengers. Some people burst out their anger, dealing with the problems in their own ways, as the authorities concerned failed to solve them in accord with the prescribed laws, rules and regulations. Thus, it went beyond the law.
    At such a time when people were greatly disappointed at the old bus line system, Ma Hta Tha, the whole populace joined the campaign of launching the new system of their own accord, as soon as it was announced that YBS would be implemented, helping to deal with problems which passengers experienced over the new system as usual. In transforming from the old system to the new one, they had already known that there would be many difficulties, getting ready to face any difficulties with great endurance. Here, we should not forget that it is of great importance to manage to control the undisciplined and reckless cases under the management of the old system, at the present time of great expectation towards the YBS.
    The very basic reason people expected to have on roads is to have safety while travelling in a bus and friendly treatment from bus-drivers and bus spares and to experience disciplined driving. It will be necessary to assume that reaching our destination with ease and without facing any difficulties is our fundamental need. And, we are required to be well convinced of any problems and to get ready for these problems.
    Above all, rule of law is of great importance. I assume that authorities concerned can manage to lessen the stress faced by the people by solving the problems on a timely basis. Buses should ply on sufficient routes in accord with the discipline, after real problems have been identified and assessed. It is sure that we will face challenges and difficulties in changing from the old to the new one. However, solving the problem after listening to people’s basic needs will lead to a successful system.
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