YCDC to discourage people from feeding pigeons; to raise awareness on issue

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Woman feeding pigeons in Botahtaung Township in Yangon. Photo: Phoe Khwar

The Yangon City Development Committee will discourage citizens from feeding pigeons by raising awareness on the health hazard posed by the practice, with the help of vinyl stickers and posters, said U Min Aung, the Head of the Veterinary and Slaughtering Department of the committee.
“We will put up vinyl posters, asking people not to feed pigeons. First, we will carry out awareness campaigns on the health hazards of pigeon droppings and infestation. Then, we will collect fines from the public. They will be punished and even face a prison sentence if they continue to feed pigeons. But, there has been no such case until now. We will place the vinyl stickers in each township to encourage people not to feed pigeons,” said U Min Aung.
Pigeons are drawn to an area when people put out food for them, posing a threat to human health and contributing to environmental pollution, he said.
“The pigeons will surely flock to any place where there is a food source. To discourage pigeons, food must be cleared up as proximity to pigeons can be dangerous for human health. Besides, pigeon droppings are unsightly and can cause damage to parked cars and surroundings and be a nuisance to passers-by. Complaints have been filed with the YCDC, seeking removal of pigeons. However, we cannot kill them under the law. However, pigeons will migrate to other places if there is no longer any food source. If pigeons do not inhabit crowded places of Yangon, it will be good for the public,” said U Min Aung.
“Under the existing law, sellers of pigeon food can face fines and/or a prison sentence. However, we will deal with this problem by persuading sellers and feeders. The YCDC is liable to remove only dogs, rodents, and crows. But, they will remove other animals which can spread diseases,” said U Kyaw Min, the Head of the YCDC’s Administrative Department. He said public cooperation is needed to end the practice of feeding pigeons.

By Nyein Nyein(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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