YCDC to remove fibre cables of unregistered installation companies

Unregistered fibre lines which have been installed without permission on lampposts in Yangon Region will be removed, said U Lin Khaing, head of the Engineering Department (Roads and Bridges) of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

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According to the YCDC, only 23 companies have been approved and registered to install the fibre lines in Yangon Region. Some fibre lines installation companies are also providing the service without registering with the YCDC, U Lin Khaing added.
“Except 23 companies, some companies are still installing fibre lines without permission. So, we need to control them. After finishing an inspection of the wire lines, we have made an official announcement in the newspapers. When we went on an inspection tour on Phay Road, we asked registered companies to come along with us. Then, we conducted an inspection with those companies. And, when we found unregistered lines, we cut them down and took legal action against the unregistered companies,” said U Lin Khaing.
The YCDC is finding it difficult to control their activities because most unregistered companies are installing fibre lines only at night, he added.
Under the supervision of the Yangon Region Government, tenders are being invited to implement underground installation in order to lay a smooth communication network and ensure systematic installation in Yangon region, according to the YCDC.
Some telecommunications service companies have installed fiber optic cables and communication equipment and WiFi equipment in YCDC areas without permission. So, the YCDC has announced that it will remove all fiber optic cables and WiFi equipment installed without permission because it can be dangerous and adversely affect the load balance.
“The Yangon Region Hluttaw Speaker and officials, including me, have conducted field inspection tours at three townships on a trial basis. We found the installations of cable lines messy. So, we plan to invite tenders for that project very soon. We will investigate with the use of a third party organization,” said U Maung Maung Soe, Yangon Mayor.
According to official statistics from the Directorate of Telecommunications, there are more than 150 permitted local and foreign telecommunications companies across the country. Among them, only 23 companies have received permission from the YCDC to install fibre lines in Yangon Region.
By Nyein Nyein (Translated by Hay Mar)

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