Yeomanry Development Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Yeomanry Development Party Central General Secretary Michael Kyaw Myint presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 4 October.

I am Central General Secretary Michael Kyaw Myint of the Yeomanry Development Party (YDP). I will explain our party’s campaign speech for the 2020 elections here.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has a prestigious history, and it is practising multiparty democratic system in line with the 2008 Constitution, and an independent and sovereign nation with the majority of the people in the working class.

The 2008 Constitution has some undemocratic parts to it and other components that need to be amended to be compliant with modern times and all of us working-class people understand this. However, before we can amend the Constitution, we must utilize every right and opportunity it currently offers us to proliferate democracy to even the lowest levels of human society.

Our party is contesting in the 2020 Multiparty Democratic General Election for the emergence of a government administration that can strengthen living standards practically, and allow the children of the working class and grassroots, and those in poverty to live with integrity and set humanitarian standards.

The eight pledges of our party are:

1. Every household must own their own house;
2. Clear the interest rates of agricultural loans so that farmers can begin to work out of poverty;
3. The government must take full responsibility for any losses incurred by domestic and migrant workers when the company or businessperson they have signed a contract with falls short of providing the provisions in the agreement;
4. We will reduce and suspend state-owned businesses such as the Kyemon and Myanma Alinn newspapers that are being printed every day while incurring loss and ensure students and the elderly can ride state-run vehicles, trains and boats for free;
5. We will designate national projects to fulfil the infrastructure and technological needs of the agricultural and livestock sector and set up high-quality food production industries;
6. We will implement free compulsory education to high school to strengthen the future of the nation;
7. We will execute the death sentence effectively for sexual assaults of minors, large-scale illegal drug operations, the corruption that harms the country, and other deliberate criminal activities carried out by large groups;
8. We will use all available method to ensure the government and the military are on the same steps on the peace process, in line with the NCA, to achieve peace as fast as possible.

Thus, we request the people of the working class, the poor and all levels of society to vote for Yeomanry Development Party so that we may make our way out of poverty in line with our eight pledges.


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