Yinmabin tractor station opens branch in village of Pale Township

IMG_20150627_161123Head of No 41 Agricultural Machinery Station in Yinmabin Township U Myint Kyaw and staff opened its branch in Lettaunggyi village in Pale Township recently.
They displayed power-tillers and combine harvesters at the branch and explained work capacity of the machinery to local farmers.
Workers of the station demonstrated ploughing of farmlands on a 2-acre plot of farmer U Toe Myint.
“In the past, we sought agricultural assistance such as ploughing, harvesting and maintenance of machinery from Agricultural Mechanization Department in Yinmabin, eight miles from the village. Thanks to the branch of station, we can do our works on time. So, we all thank the technicians of the department for their efforts and assistance,” said a local resident.

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