Yodaya sluice gate of ancient Ketumati City to be illustrated with painting

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Sluice gate at ancient Ketumati City.

A new painting depicting the true history of the Yodaya sluice gate, a moat that connects the Sittoung river and the moat of the ancient Ketumati City in Toungoo Township, Bago Region, will be created, and historical records will be documented in both Myanmar and Thai languages for public study, according to the regional government.
The new painting will be housed under a roof system to ensure long-term endurance. As the ancient buildings represent valuable cultural heritages, the Bago Region government is implementing a project to dredge and preserve the walls, moats, buildings, landmarks, and city gates of the ancient city built by King Mingyi Nyo (1485-1530 AD), allocating an annual budget from the regional government.
Currently, the regional government is working on the dredging of moat and wall in the west of Ketumati City, and Sityin Gate will be re-excavated and preserved this financial year. — ASH/TH

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