Young people should not be used as proxies in ideological fights

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[dropcap font=”0″]H[/dropcap]opes for a better future are universal, for one’s country, one’s people and for oneself. The enthusiasm and excitement of young people who want to work for the betterment of their community, however, can be exploited by the leaders of organizations.
For example, in some organizations, young people represent their bosses’ interests, while their mentors instruct them from behind a curtain, putting ideology into their hearts. Their bosses are orchestrating proxy wars.
Some people feel no shame in losing their own dignity or cannot realize their actions are on the wrong track, blinded by expectations of rewards from their bosses. In such organizations, the only principle is the word of the boss. Training is mixed with brainwashing. Many young people are exploited through favouritism and persuasion.
Leaders of organizations should in fact help new generations stand firm with their feet on the ground, giving them some responsibility. New generations in many areas instead become the targets of propaganda. Young people get training, but from groups affiliated with their organizations, through which ideology is implanted into their brains.
Not only individuals, but also some organizations themselves fall victim to more powerful figures who exploit those lacking education, knowledge, experience and property.
Under such circumstances, victims may lose their dignity, even their lives, for the sake of their mentors, who stand firm on their policies at any cost. Ideological differences will always exist. However, young people should not fall victim for the mentors.

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