Youth, all-round development and national interest

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  • Children’s literature festival, exhibition and book fair held in Yangon for three days has come to a close. Similar festivals were held in many places in the country simultaneously. The first day event held in Yangon saw nearly 80000 visitors coming to the festival, with over 90000 visitors coming in the following two days, it was learnt.
    Those present at the Yangon Children’s Literature Festival amounted to nearly 300000 consisting of students, school children and other interested persons. Over 56000 children in all were seen taking part in various kinds of competitions included in the festival. Generally speaking, at such a time when patterns of social life are changing in accord with advanced technology, people including children are becoming less interested in books and literature. At such a time when children need to achieve all-round development in 5 kinds of strengths it will be of great use for fulfillment of the need to hold children’s literature festivals.
    These days, most of the people are using social media pages such as Facebook all the time. Thus, habits of reading books and literature are decreasing and most seldom buy literature books. Scenes of enthusiastic visitors coming to the children’s literature festival held currently highlights that creation of such events and literary environments can lead children to become more inclined towards literature again.
    Being the jewel-like citizens of the future, arrangements for all-round development of today’s children had been implemented more than ever, in the administration of the current NLD government. Those who will shoulder the great burden of the nation will be the developed youths. With a view to gaining access to the advanced learning needed for upgrading the leadership capacity of youths in all sectors of the nation in future, the Union Government has already introduced the youth policy for Myanmar.
    In implementing the youth policy successfully, it is of great importance to make children read books on literature and cultivate habits of acquiring knowledge. Holding such a kind of children’s literature festival is a good support for the success of the youth policy, hence the need to make collective efforts for the emergence of such events.
    Literary festivals and children’s literature festivals which can arouse habits of reading are the driving force for producing well-qualified people, adults and youths. Generally, it may be assumed that such events are just literary moments held across the nation. Now, we have known that this is the strengthened foundation of great firmness. Accordingly, the youths taking active participation in the children’s literature festivals will definitely be the ones who are required to shoulder the national burden, hence the need to build up their skills, knowledge and leadership capacities through literature.
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