YR ex-minister Daw Nilar Kyaw gets jailed under anti-corruption law

The Anti-Corruption Commission inspected the complaints against Yangon Region Electricity, Industry, Transport and Construction ex-minister Daw Nilar Kyaw.
According to the inspections, ex-minister Daw Nilar Kyaw misused her authority to grant a certificate of the quality control company to her close company and permitted the worksites for quality checking processes when she served as chairperson of selecting a team for the quality control company. Between March 2017 and January 2021, a total of 1,577 sites earned more than K1,660 million from quality checks and she received K91.824 million from that company and K59.536 million via her housemaid. She paid a dept of K213 million to a person. Therefore, she received a total of K364.36 million. Ex-minister Daw Nilar Kyaw was prosecuted under Section 55 of the Anti-Corruption Law at the High Court of Yangon Region on 7 May 2021 and examined under 16 criminal cases from 8/2021 to 23/2021.
She was found guilty and the Yangon Region High Court sentenced 16-year jail with labour for 16 cases – four-year jail with labour for three cases from 8/2021 and 10/2021, another four-year jail with labour for cases from 11/2021 and 13/2021, four-year jail with labour for cases from 14/2021 to 19/2021 and four-year jail with labour for 20/2021 to 23/2021, on 28 February. — MNA

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