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YRG to allow only about 10,000 licences for EVs per year

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The office of the Road Transport Administration Department.

According to the Road Transport Administration Department, around 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) will be licensed in Yangon each year, depending on the approval of the Yangon Regional Government (YRG).
The Road Transport Administration Department stated that an old vehicle surrender slip (Form-D) will be required to register EVs, as well as EV taxis imported for resale by car companies, with a Yangon licence. However, EVs that are allowed to be imported during the 2023 Pilot Project to operate taxis in Yangon City will be issued a Yangon licence without having to submit Form D.
In addition, if residents of the Yangon Region want to register EV vehicles without submitting Form D, region and state licences except for Yangon and Bago licences will be issued according to the owner’s preference. — TWA/CT

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