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YRG to take action against breachers for non-instalment of new number plates

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Vehicles waiting in line to replace the new embossed vehicle number plates.

Minister for Security and Border Affairs of Yangon Region Chairman of Education and Inspection Subcommittee Colonel Win Tint stated that the education period for exchanging and installing new embossed vehicle number plates was over, and action will be taken against those who have not.
At a meeting of the Education and Inspection Subcommittee under the Yangon Region Road Safety Body on 21 April, he stressed the need to perform arrests as the education period for replacing embossed number plates has ended, and to act more effectively and systematically in the maintenance of traffic rules and regulations, and urged district- and township-level road safety teams to check and take strict action on drinking alcohol while driving, not fastening a seat belt, using a mobile phone while driving, and speeding. In addition, the issue of arresting tricycles was also discussed since it has been found that tricycles are being used for sabotage.
At the end of March, the Road Transport Administration Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communications issued a notification that all vehicles must have new embossed number plates.
The embossed number plates will help control and prevent the installation and use of vehicle number plates on other illegal vehicles as the new number plates have the additional printing of township-specific numerical descriptions and vehicle-type descriptions. — TWA/CT


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