YRTA management fund supports K80 mln worth foodstuffs to YBS drivers

By Nyein Nyein

Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) has donated K80 million worth food supplies such as rice, edible oil and food items to YBS drivers from YRTA management fund, said YRTA Joint Secretary U Hla Aung. He said so at a YRTA media conference held on 28 October through Zoom application. “Only 46 per cent of YBS buses are currently operating in Yangon. Some are driving on alternate days while others are driving on a one-out-of-three-days basis. That is why we have to provide the food supplies including eight pyis of rice and one viss of edible oil from YRTA management fund to nearly 7,000 YBS drivers, who have registered themselves for smart cards in YRTA,” he confirmed.
YRTA has already issued over 9,000 smart cards to YBS drivers. However, some are still denied the cards for different reasons, and only around 7,000 YBS drivers are currently registered on our list. YRTA has already set a deadline for exemption from paying in the management charges of K4,000 by 27 March, and this deadline has been extended till now.
During the first wave of COVID-19, YRTA supplied the YBS buses with CNG, health equipment, the necessary chemicals for spraying their buses and foods to the YSB drivers. According to YRTA’s official statistics released on 27 October, a total of 2,094 YBS buses from 95 bus lines transported 265,308 passengers, according to YRTA.
Previously, more than 100 bus lines were running 4,500 buses on 135 routes, along with the airport shuttle and city transit. The number of daily commuters was estimated at 1.8 million. (Translated by Hay Mar)


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