YRTC educate 100 truck and YBS bus drivers on road safety

The Yangon Region Private Transport Regulatory Committee (YRTC) conducted a traffic safety talk for 100 truck and YBS bus drivers on 22 September.
“In public transport, cargo truck drivers and YBS bus drivers must be prepared to comply with the road safety precautions for passengers who are on the move every day.”
“The main cause of accidents is the recklessness of drivers. According to WHO’s declaration, there is a high daily death rate due to traffic accidents worldwide,” said U Chit Ko Ko, YRTC vice-chair.
With the highest number of traffic accidents occurring in Yangon, the National Road Safety Council NRSC, and YRTC are continuously working on awareness and education activities to reduce road accidents by 50 per cent by 2030.
U Chit Ko Ko said that drivers need to cooperate to reduce road accidents to 50 per cent by 2030 by following traffic rules and road rules properly and driving with caution, without harming the lives of passengers.
Next, the Myanmar Traffic Police gave a clear presentation about the causes of traffic accidents and the sections of the Penal Code that drivers should know.
Afterwards, the Department of Road Transport Administration clarified the points that should be followed under the Motor Vehicle Act.
On behalf of the Myanmar Organization for Road Safety (MORS), YRTC’s joint secretary U Lian Cin Mang explained the importance of morale for drivers. — TWA/GNLM

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