Yuzana Plaza to reopen after New Year day

Yangon Yuzana Plaza will be reopened on 6 January 2021, according to the Yuzana Plaza Management Committee.
The plaza has suspended its operation in the second wave of COVID-19 for three months starting from 12 September.
According to the Plaza Management Committee, the shop owners doing businesses at Yuzana Plaza have asked permission to reopen their shops because of economic harms.
Following the COVID rules and regulations, the plaza will be reopened. The shopkeepers must systematically wear the masks and make sales by checking the buyers’ body temperature, making them wash their hands and wear the masks, preventing the people from being crowded and supervising the plaza gates. The management committee also requested the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) to provide the necessary guidelines.
Currently, the shops from significant markets in Yangon region are not allowed to run their businesses except those selling the necessary food supplies and medicines.
Now, a total of 21 markets are designated as Grade A in Yangon region, according to the statistics of the YCDC’s market department.
The Ministry of Health and Sports announced on 22 December that they are preparing to grant step-by-step permission for the businesses’ resumption in compliance with the health regulations regarding COVID. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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