Ywangan (Virgin Land) promoted as global tourist destination

Tourism promotion of Ywangan, as the Virgin Land in Danu Self-Administered Zone in southern Shan State, is being carried out to make the area become a globally popular destination, according to the, Ywangan Tourism Development Organization (YTO).
Shan State government has set up the State Tourism Fund to create a high-value market for local products from Ywangan Township and to generate more income from the sustainable natural economy as tourism with the preservation of the local culture and traditions of the region.
With the cooperation of YTO, Hluttaw representatives, departmental officials, and local residents, the fund is providing tourism infrastructures such as constructing public toilets at the top of the mountain included in the Ashay Myin, Anaut Myin mountain trekking tour, car parking and shops at the foot of the mountain as well as paving the road from Mya Zedi pagoda to the foot of the mountain.
The Ywangan Tourism Development Organization (YTO) is also conducting necessary arrangements for visitors in the post-COVID-19 period to the 300 feet tall Talote Cha waterfall, located in the north of the region, Sinsar Pyar Cave, Kyaut Ngat Won Twin Cave, Pyada Lin Cave, the 7,752 feet tall Ashay Myin Anaut Myin mountain trekking tour, Springwater in the south, Blue Water Lagoon, Taw Kyal waterfall, Alae Chaung eight-tiered waterfall, Main Ma Yae Thakhin Ma Mountain, Eucalyptus-lines lane, Alwan Taung View Point, Myin Mu Viewpoint and the world standard Ywangan Coffee.— Tun Tun Win (IPRD) (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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