Zero tolerance to violence and be cautious not to cause further conflicts

Violent attacks occurred on the western border at a time when a human rights report on Myanmar was scheduled at the third committee meeting at the UN.
The deadly attacks were also coincided with the third committee meeting on human rights report on Myanmar at the United Nations General Assembly.
Recently, the EU decided not to submit the human rights report on Myanmar because of the progress Myanmar has made recently with its emerging democracy. The US also lifted economic sanctions imposed on Myanmar. It is undeniable that the recent actions have painted the rosy pictures of Myanmar on the international stage. Generally, there are several challenges for the government to tackle in Rakhine State.
The first is the citizenship scrutinisation process and human rights. The authorities faced a tough situation when they worked for citizenship scrutinisation in Rakhine State in accordance with the 1982 Citizenship Law.
Meanwhile, political activities arose in protest of the advisory committee on issues in Rakhine State led by former
UN Secretary-General Dr Kofi Annan.
Illegal buildings are another issue in Rakhine State. The local authorities announced they would settle the problem of illegal buildings that now number over 3,000. Following the announcement, eleven international Bengali organisations released a statement objecting to the plan on 23rd September. In order to maintain stability in the state, the authorities suspended the plan, but carried on systematic scrutiny of the illegal buildings.
The drug trafficking issue in Rakhine State also poses a threat to stability. Under the campaign of fighting illegal narcotic drugs nationwide in 2016, local authorities seized more than 6 million yaba pills in Maungtaw, Rakhine State. The attacks might be related to drug trafficking, according to the nature of the terrorism.
We, all the people, have no tolerance to any form of violence and actions should be taken against those who involved in the attacks.
Meanwhile, we should fight violence with the utmost caution not to cause other conflicts.
We need cooperation from all communities and religious leaders to bring those who were involved in the violent armed attacks to justice.

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