Zinghmuh Mountain designated as National Park in Chin State

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Picture shows an aerial view of the Zinghmuh Mountain.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has announced 9,984.28 acres in Thantlang Township in Haka District and Falam Township in Falam District, Chin State, as Zinghmuh Mountain National Park for biodiversity conservation by Notification No. 52/2022 since 11 March 2022, exercising its authority conferred under Sub-Section (a) of Section 9 of the Biodiversity and Natural Conservation Law promulgated in May 2018.
Zinghmuh Mountain has been designated as a national park for conservation purposes as it is the main catchment area of Kunthe Creek, an area inhabited by wildlife, a biodiversity hotspot, due to its unique geographical features and the need for the timely prevention of unregulated poaching.
Due to the presence of Hlinethithi Lake which is also known as Nat Lake; pine trees, white and red rhododendrons which are the most prominent symbols of Chin State; a variety of orchids and endangered wildlife such as mountain goats, wild goats, leopards, and pangolins; being a breeding ground for hornbill and its unique geological features; it will provide many opportunities for nature-based tourism and is considered as a national park.
Source : Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

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