Zo National Region Development Party presents its policy, stance and work program

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Chairman U Kham En Thang.

Chairman U Kham En Thang of Zo National Region Development (ZNRD) Party presented the party’s policy, stance, work programs and other issues on radio and TV on 19 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:

I am Chairman U Kham En Thang of Zo National Region Development Party. The party is also known as Zo Party.
First of all, I would like to introduce our party to the people. I will make my presentation in two parts – one is Zo National, and the other is Region Development.
Zo is one of the 135 tribes of ethnics legally acknowledged in Myanmar. Its ethnic code is 421. The significance of Zo is when Chin tribes are translated, it becomes Zo Minam; Zo is in Myanmar language. Mi refers to human being (Homo sapiens), and Minam means tribes. Therefore, Zo Mi means Zo human being or Chin human being, and Zo Minam refers to Zo tribes or Chin tribes. So, it can be deducted from these facts that Zo ethnic refers not only to Zo but all the Chin tribes. In a similar way, Chin State is called Zo Gam, Chin cuisine is Zo An and Chin songs are Zo La, replacing Chin by the word Zo.

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Regarding the second part, Region Development, it refers to development across the region in which all national races including Zo tribes. The federal union, the main topic of today’s political dialogue, is a chance to carry out development undertakings in own respective regions independently. A country is formed with several regions and regional stability and unity are essential for development of these regions or a country. Although there may be differences in traditions and religious belief, unity in diversity will help ensure peaceful coexistence automatically. A politician from the Western world said, “Peace is not unity in similarity, but unity in diversity.”
Same opinion is basically needed for regional development. The best example is Singapore which we claim to be on a par with her within 20 years. Singapore gained her independence on 31 August in 1957, ten years after Myanmar gained independence. But 30 years later, around 1990, she became one of the Four Tigers of Asia. In other words, Singapore which was at the status of a fishing village, when Myanmar gained independence, became a developed country in the 1990s to which illegal immigrants tried to enter against the severe punishment of caning.
In retrospect, there have been three main factors for multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore’s development, and they are as follows:
(1) Singaporeans share the same view with its leader Lee Kuan Yu who prioritized regional development and equality of citizens;
(2) Discrimination of race and religion is strictly prohibited;
(3) Nurturing modern and educated youths and encouraging them to participate in nation-building tasks.
We need to learn and take good examples from them if we really want to develop Myanmar. A policy of prioritizing extreme racism and religion is based on similarities, and thus there is a never-ending cycle of conflicts, pending development. It is the mother of the concept, “Those who are not similar to me are my enemies”, which leads to harming of peace. Since peaceful coexistence is the essence of democracy, it is very important for us not to try to be similar but to share same opinion.
Our party will compete for a vacant seat in Tamu Township constituency 2 for the Sagaing Regional Hluttaw. The region is known as Kabaw valley. As the region is composed of plains and mountain ranges, it possesses scenic beauties and it is home to various nationalities. It is easy to access and thriving with agriculture and trade.
Our party has nominated a youth candidate who is educated and who can lead the people for ensuring regional development.
We would like to urge you, who love this Kabaw area, to help us with your ballot paper which comes from the bottom of your heart. Let me take this opportunity to inform you that supporting the national race parties is practicing multiparty democracy system which is the cause of the State. In developed countries with matured democracy, they vote in favour of qualified candidates of other parties if necessary. This is the symbol of independent democratic practice. A garden blooming only one species of flowers cannot be beautiful, but colourful flowers make it gorgeous. In like manner, Myanmar’s future will be bright only with participation of national races’ parties, in addition to strong parties in the respective parliaments.
In conclusion, I would like to urge you to give support to the candidate of Zo National Region Development Party at the coming by-election who will beautify the Kabaw valley.
Thank you.

Translated by Wallace

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