50 travel enthusiasts embark on conquering snowy peaks of Kachin State

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Adventurous travellers conquer the snow-capped mountain ranges in Kachin State.

The mountaineering season is drawing near in Kachin State and about 50 enlisted to scale the snow-capped mountains of Mount Phonkanrazi and Khakaborazi, according to U Naing Oo, Director of Kachin State Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.
The mountaineering season is between early November and May and about 50 local climbers have made at the travel agencies for this year.
“The scaling of snow-capped mountains in Kachin State started between September and December. The travellers climb the Mount Phonkanrazi and Khakaborazi of Kachin State. These are such adventure trips and so the people have to contact the local travel companies like Trekking in Myanmar and Northern Myanmar Trekking and Rafting. Although there were 40 on the booking list in August, there are now 50 for scaling the show-capped mountains in September,” said U Naing Oo.
Mount Phonkanrazi is not very crowded the whole year round except for travellers and locals who search for herbs. Moreover, there is no wild animal on the mountain pathway and it is the best situation for the climbers.
Although it can get to the Ziyadang Village from PutaO which is the nearest place to Phonkan Razi by walking, it now paves a one-way road that can be used in all seasons. Therefore, the trip period will be six nights seven days instead of 10 nights 11 days.
The climbers must be in good health and make preparations. They also need to follow the instructions of local travel guides and residents.
Currently, the tourists are not allowed to climb the snow-capped mountains. Arrangements are being made to ease the restrictions as there are tourists who make bookings.
Kachin State hosts over 120,000 travellers from January to August 2023. — ASH/KTZH

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