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Toward royal Ketumati cultural museum

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) Ancient Ketumati City in Toungoo era which initiated the united Second Myanmar Empire turned 510 years […]

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The Town Minhla and Wooden Backdrop

Wooden backdrops carved as layers in wooden logs depicting Buddhological plots of sculptural works can be seen at the back […]

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Kawgun and Yathepyan Caves

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) In Mon and Kayin states teeming with natural caves, Bayin Nyinaung, Saddan, Yatheyan, Kawgun and Wepyan […]

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Historic Yandabo monument

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) Yandabo, the historic village beyond Myaung Town and Hsimeekhon Village, takes a position on the eastern […]

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Relief plaques from Thagyar Pagoda

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) The statistics collected by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2017 showed 442 stupas and temples […]

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