Ancient Portuguese Church in Thanlyin

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) Among foreigners who interfered in Myanmar affairs in the history, Portuguese were those who earliest arrived […]

Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue in Myanmar

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) As Myanmar had been ruled by British colonialists for many years, there remain many residential buildings, […]

Four holy oil pots in Hsipaw

King Mindon placed four holy oil pots underground at four corners of Yadanabon Mandalay in 1859 AD when the royal […]

Pyetkhaywe Maha stupa.

Pyetkhaywe Hill, the centre of Myanmar

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) Pyetkhaywe Hill, which has been famous among local and international travellers in Myanmar since recent years, […]

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Yangon. Photo: MaungTha (Archaeology)

Armenian Orthodox Church

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) The Law on the Preservation and Protection of Ancient Buildings mentioned that the buildings of more […]

Archaeology Art works at Pakhan Monastery.

Awesome Hours in Pakokku

By Thiha (the Traveller @ Thiha Lulin) I admit I show less interest on tours of Anya regions because of […]

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