‘Six Friends’ offers each unique way of art at Water Lily Art Space

Six art masters have collectively held a show under the title “Six Friends” at the Water Lily Art Space in downtown Yangon, showcasing their unique styles from 19 to 23 January, 2023.
The exhibition brings together about 60 works of art from different perspectives by six contemporary artists aged over 60.

Ko Maung Win Hla
Ko Maung Win Hla completed the Mandalay State School of Fine Arts in 1970s, and since then, he has created art works with different medium. He has mastered portrait and figurative art with different medium. The art master is showcasing about 10 stunning art works in this exhibition.

Soe Aung
Those who read mysticism magazines such as Thurizza and Vedas are familiar with art works of Soe Aung for his art of mysticism in Buddhism and traditional Myanmar culture in the magazines. He brings together the Myanmar traditional culture, with mystery and aesthetics as a subject in his works on canvas with oil and acrylic, offering a mystical pleasure to visitors.

Ni Po U
In Myanmar, it is Artist Ni Po U who interprets both Myanmar traditional dance and music in his work on canvas. In his paintings, he makes the face of Myanmar dancers black to highlight Myanmar character of dance and music through his creation. “I transform the music and movements into my artwork.Golden strokes represent music which supports the dance,” said Ni Po U. His early works are realism. His contemporary works has shown that the artist, in his 60s, combined the realism with new idea of his own creation.

Pyi Kyaw Han
With thick brush strokes of his own style, Artist Pyi Kyaw Han captures the Myanmar’s scenes, character and fragrance on canvas. Viewers can enjoy ten paintings of his oil and acrylic works. In his early days of artist career, he used to create background paintings for Myanmar traditional open-theatres and posters for gate shows with body colour. In this exhibition, the 60-year old artist show off about 10 paintings reflecting rural life of Myanmar people in plain area to ethnic people from hilly areas.

Ko Maung Kyaw Than
After hisretirement from the Yangon’s State School of Fine Arts as an instructor seven years ago, Veteran Artist Ko Maung Kyaw Than has tasted freedom and toured the country and captured scenes from different areas on drawing paper. He has spent most of his time creating outdoor paintings, capturing scenes in the country. The veteran artist’s latest offering of water colour paintings would light up the gallery from 19 to 23 January.

Thet Oo
With vinyl printing replacing cinema art posters, the commercial artists have turned to painting fine artworks. Thet Oo is one of the poster artists who said goodbye to cinema posters and found his another career in creating portraits and landscapes. For dacades, the artist painted posters for cinema. In this exhibition, Thet Oo featured his unique pathway, in terms of strokes and colour.
The Water Lily Art Space is located at No. 170, First Floor, Room No. 40, Sule Tower-2, Sule Pagoda Road in Yangon. —KZL

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