Appointment tokens given to over 10,000 Myanmar nationals in Thailand within 2 weeks

People are seen waiting in line to get an appointment (token) at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.

The Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, said that it has issued appointment tokens to 10,337 Myanmar nationals in Thailand within two weeks to renew their passports.
The appointments (tokens) were given to Myanmar nationals at the embassy every Saturday starting from 7 January. It is reported that 6,142 people received their tokens on 7 January and 4,195 people on 14 January.
On 7 January, those who came to take out the appointment (tokens) encountered difficulties, and so the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok made preparations so that such a thing did not happen again.
Therefore, the appointment process went smoothly on 14 January due to the prior preparations of officials from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, the cooperation of applicants and the assistance of Thai officials.
Therefore, the appointment (tokens) will be issued every Saturday to everyone who comes in person, and the Myanmar Embassy in ​​Bangkok has requested all those concerned to cooperate. — TWA/CT

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