Mon State to plant over 20,000 trees, including over 10,000 windbreaks

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The image depicts students participating in one of the tree-planting festivals.

According to the Department of Forestry in Mon State, arrangements are underway to plant over 10,000 shady windbreaks along the coastal areas during the 2024-2025 financial year to mitigate strong winds.
A total of 20,330 trees are slated for planting in Mon State’s coastal regions to counteract strong winds and potential flooding. This includes 1,130 coconut palms, 5,250 mangrove trees, and 10,100 other shade-providing trees. Additionally, 1,800 red mangrove trees will be planted. This initiative is crucial as rivers such as the Thanlwin, Sittoung, Jai, Athtaram, Belin, and Yay are prone to high tides during the monsoon season, increasing flood risks.
It is also planned to plant a minimum of two acres of forest trees in every village of Mon State to lower temperatures and enhance the local climate. Furthermore, 12 acres of firewood plantations will be established in villages to protect other tree species from depletion.
Thirteen tree-planting festivals are scheduled during the 2024 rainy season to encourage public participation in tree planting. A variety of 18 tree species and a total of 300,000 seedlings will be distributed to the public. Additionally, 8,840 trees will be planted as part of a community tree-planting campaign. — ASH/TRKM

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