Success of the Peace Process

[quote font=”0″ color=”#8224e3″ bgcolor=”#ededd0″] Success of the Peace Process Signing of the Peace Agreement, it is heard will be held […]

This Crazy English

[quote font=”0″ bcolor=”#dddddd”]We’ll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes, But the plural of ox is oxen, not […]

Make Every Child Count

By Aye Phyu *    Our children in this world Black, white, yellow and all Vulnerable as little flowers Easy to […]

Breastfeeding is the best

By Aye Phyu Human or breast milk Brings a vast array of benefits With protein, vitamins and minerals in it […]


The Great Shwedagon

Some two thousand six hundred years ago, Taphussa and Bhalika, two merchant brothers from(what is now)the land of Myanmar, journeyed […]


Just Yesterday

Just yesterday, I was sleeping on my lover’s lap peacefully under the silver moon. But now, My lover disappeared on […]

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