Tabu Hla Dam benefits summer paddy fields, exceeding target

Nyein Thu (MNA)

Yangon, a commercial city of Myanmar, sees an increase in paddy fields year by year in addition to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The summer paddy fields in Taikkyi Township are irrigated by dam water, and the plantation target exceeds 29,174 acres rather than 28,864 acres.
The water from Tabu Hla Dam near Konpawsu village in Taikkyi Township is distributed to Okkan creek at 86 square miles of watershed and to the summer paddy fields in Taikkyi and Hmawby townships via the two main canals. Farmers are ready to harvest the paddy with machines.
There are over 50,000 acres of summer paddy in Taikkyi this year, and the irrigation water is distributed via the two main canals – 23.63 miles long left cannel and 60.72 miles long right canal. The plantation reaches 29,174 acres, exceeding the target of 28,864 acres this year. Over 20,000 acres of summer paddy out of 50,000 acres are also thriving.
“We endeavour to achieve success for summer paddy. We systematically stored the dam water for summer paddy. The water shortage problem may occur at times due to climate change, so we mainly focus on storing water. We managed to distribute water from the main canal to feeder canals among the fields to reduce the waste. The farmers are good at storing water. Therefore, we can distribute water to many acres. Tabu Hla Dam supplies more water to 3,000 acres of summer paddy this year than the previous year, and we can distribute adequate water thanks to the water-storing skills of farmers. We are happy when the summer paddy production rate is good and the farmers reap good profits. The paddy prices are good, and we are satisfied with the farmers’ profits. We will keep working as per the objectives of the department,” said U Khin Maung Lwin, deputy director of the Yangon Region Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department.
The department is working with the farmers to promote the sown acreage, achieve success in the plantation, promote the lives of farmers who use irrigated water, and successfully plant crops in irrigated areas. It also manages irrigation water distribution and flood.
The Tabu Hla Dam supplies water to summer paddy fields in Taikkyi and Hmawby townships starting from 1 January. It suspends the water distribution by the end of April to conduct irrigation water storage processes. Farmers grab achievement in their summer paddy plantation despite their concerns about high temperatures in March and April 2024. Translated by KTZH

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