Clarification by Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Information Team Leader of the State Administration Council, on events in Shan State (North)

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SAC’s Information Team Leader Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun.

Today, I will explain the stand of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on the events in Shan State (North).
On 27 October 2023, MNDAA, joined by TNLA and AA, crossed Namtit Creek through Special Region 2, Wa region, and started to attack Chinshwehaw at the China-Myanmar border. Those incidents had already been explained. At the same time, TNLA attacked Namhkam, Hsenwi and Kutkai. The group started to attack the areas around Hsenwi, Kunlong and Laukkai, and on 22 December, it attacked the Mongtung area. The TNLA combined group started its attack against the area in and around Namtu. On 5 January 2024, MNDAA and its cohorts launched attacks against the area in and around Hopang.
On 25 June 2024, TNLA and its allies attacked Nawnghkio and Kyaukme and the security posts in their vicinity. On 3 July, the combined group, including MNDAA, started to attack the surrounding area of Lashio and launched attacks with short-range rockets, drones, and drop bombs at the town daily.
MNDAA attacked the surrounding area of Chinshwehaw and Kokang territory under the heading – curb online gambling (Kyaphyant). As online gambling fraud is a clandestine business carried out in hotels and other secret places in border areas, including Laukkai, the government had no knowledge about it. Chinese criminals who evaded arrest in China were running this illegal business, and most of the victims of the online gambling fraud were Chinese citizens. Hence, the majority of Myanmar people knew nothing about illegal business. As soon as it got information about the illegal business, the Myanmar government actively joined hands with China to eliminate it not only in the Kokang region, but also in other border areas. Till yesterday, the Myanmar government apprehended 51,851 Chinese citizens, 1,143 Vietnamese citizens, and 640 Thai citizens in Mongpauk, Laukkai, Tachilek and Muse regions, and Myawady (Shwekokko, KK Park). It had transferred 2,150 suspects to their home countries. Later, MNDAA launched the slogan to seize Special Region 1 of the Kokang area. MNDAA met NUG, presented its territory, held talks and launched attacks in the areas beyond the Kokang region. In fact, MNDAA was echoing NUG. It was recruiting even the juveniles in the Kokang area and captured other national races, including Bamar migrant workers in the region and forced them to join it in the battles. It banned schools and all educational activities. TNLA was doing the same. Later, territorial disputes surfaced among the armed groups.
The combined armed group started attacks against Lashio on 3 July and was firing short-range rockets and launching drone attacks randomly against the town daily from afar, and 18 innocent civilians were killed, and another 24 were wounded. Locals faced socioeconomic hardships in every region it seized. The group launched drone and drop bomb attacks against a Chinese temple near Lashio Airport at 7 am yesterday. Locals, including Chinese residents in Lashio, disfavoured and opposed the combined group of MNDAA. At the same time, the government and Tatmadaw prioritize the security of the people, including the town’s residents.
In conclusion, I would like to request the entire people to join hands in the seriously prioritized measures by the government to protect towns and villages and local people from terrorist attacks of MNDAA and TNLA to ensure their safety and security. Thank you.

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