False news accuse Loikaw prison of detaining former prisoners illegally


Khit Thit, a malicious media, is spreading the false news about the Loikaw prison stating that 20 prisoners including political prisoners who have completed their terms are arrested again for security reasons and are still detained in the same prison.
According to the official of the prison, the former prisoners in the question were freed but they were provided food supplies legally and let them to stay free as there are no transport facilities to take them home right now and the officials are trying to arrange a smooth transportation for them. It is also reported that under the law, the prison authorities are responsible to take care of the former prisoner who are set free but they cannot go home for various situations. The officials also said they are not unfairly detained. The malicious media outlets are spreading the false news that may attract western countries by creating the misinformation intentionally to destroy the nation’s peace and stability and to cause panic among the citizens. — MNA/TRKM

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