Fee for FDA approval application reduced by K500,000

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The test for a ready-to-eat food product is running in an FDA laboratory.

In order to encourage and promote micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the amount to be paid for applications for food production approval has been changed by the Food and Drug Administration Department under the Ministry of Health starting from 1 April.
According to the statement, the submission fee for the online e-submission for the approval of the Food and Drug Administration Department was originally K750,000 and it will be only K250,000 from now on.
In addition, the valid date for the application is from 1 April to 30 September, and the laboratory test fee is not included in the amount of K250,000 to be submitted for the online e-submission, the statement of MoH indicated. If the examination of the businesses which apply for approval within six months is completed, the approval valid for one year will be issued, notified the MoH.
It is stated that edible oils, potentially hazardous foods, and purified drinking water with specially controlled food labels are not covered in this programme. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration Department has informed that there is no need for further testing in the FDA’s laboratories for foods with a low risk of harm and foods with a medium risk level, if it presents the test results that have been checked within three months at the accredited laboratories of Myanmar Food Laboratory Network. — TWA/CT

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