Livestock farms, cold storage facilities operate production of meat and fishery products for domestic consumption, export purpose

Agricultural and livestock breeding sectors are primary sources to ensure food security of the people. Agrcultural produce and livestock products are essential for public consumption and surplus of these sectors can be exported to earn foreign exchange for the businesspersons.
Livestock farms including cattle, pig, goat, sheep and poultry farms are being operated in various townships of Yangon Region in order to produce meat and eggs for meeting the local demand.
As part of efforts to meet the local livestock demand, Ngasutaung private pig farm in Yangon Region produces piglets and distributes pedigree species to local pig farmers. As an innovative measure, the farm generates electricity with the use of bio-gas obtained from pit dung.
Kaung Htet advanced feedstuff factory is located in Htaukkyant of Mingaladon Township. Such a factory operates its functions with distributing feedstuffs, broiler and layer chickens to local poultry farmers.
Moreover, the cold storage facilities of Myanmar Seafood Co Ltd and Ocean Pacific Co Ltd in West Gyogon Ward of Insein Township operate processing of fish and shrimp for domestic consumption and export purpose in order to earn incomes.
Livestock farms and cold storage facilities need to produce the quality products in line with the HACCP system and food security measures. Marine products must be produced meeting the international standards.
In order to emerge operation of livestock farms on a manageable scale and commercial scale, relevant departments are to provide necessary assistance to businesspersons and private livestock farmers. They all have to focus on improvement of livestock sector in farming tasks and production in harmony along the value chain of the sector. It is necessary to manufacture nutritious livestock and fish security under the bio-security measures. Moreover, those livestock breeding farmers have to seek the help from relevant departments to distribute animal feedstuffs at fair prices.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is striving for increasing meat production as food security and nutritious ones and ensuring the local meat sufficiency. Moreover, the ministry is fulfilling requirements including techniques for businesspersons and livestock farmers.
In 2020, number of cattle in Myanmar was approximately 18.89 million heads. In comparison, the cattle stock in Myanmar was approximately 14.09 million in 2011.
Likewise, number of pigs in Myanmar was approximately 19.19 million heads in 2020 in comparison with approximately 10.5 million in 2011. — GNLM

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