Memorial statue named “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” unveiled in Patriot Park in Russia

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State Administration Council member Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Defence Admiral Tin Aung San expresses words of thanks at Memorial statue named “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” unveiled in Patriot Park in Russia on 14 August.

A memorial statue named “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” who fought during World War II was unveiled on 14 August in the Patriot Park of Kubinka, Moscow District, where the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is located.
In his keynote speech, Army General Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation said that the erection of a statue named “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” is a celebration of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Myanmar this year, as well as an expression of the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.
He highlighted that it is an important political duty to preserve and protect the truths of the genuine history that will remind us that Russia-Myanmar cooperated in the revolution against the fascists, showing stronger friendship and cooperation between the two countries.
After that, State Administration Council member Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Defence Admiral Tin Aung San expressed his words of thanks.
Those who attended the ceremony laid wreaths in front of the memorial statue.
The main cathedral of the Russian Army was built on 9 May 2020 to commemorate the 75th Victory Day of Great Patriotic War, becoming the Centre of Military Glory of the Russian Army and commemorating the Russian soldiers who died in the bloodiest war in history.
Currently, monuments are being erected in honour of international warriors, including the Russian Red Army, who fought together with Russia against the fascists during the Second World War.
The monument was erected as the outdoor display of the Allied soldiers to honour the Myanmar military personnel who sacrificed their lives and fought in the fascist revolution during World War II. It was sculpted by MB Grekova art studio in Moscow.
During the Second World War, the role of Myanmar military personnel in fighting back against the imperialist invasion and occupation of the enemy had a significant impact on the success of the world war.
The idea to erect the statue was first sought by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, and according to the report of military historians from the Defence Services Museum (Nay Pyi Taw), an agreement was sought from Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
The sculpture and the successful erection of the statue were personally supervised by the Russian Minister of Defence. In the statue, everyone will see two soldiers wearing Myanmar historical military uniforms and fighting bravely and marching forward towards the goal of success, ignoring the enemy.
One of the soldiers is holding a rifle captured from the enemy, and the other is holding a Mosin type rifle made by the Soviet Union in one hand, and the other hand is a sculpture of the national flag that was used at that time.
A lion statue is placed on the lower left leg of the statue. The statue is also a symbol of ancient Myanmar arts, and the shape of the lion is carved in the same way as statues of two big lions from the foot of Mandalay Hill.
The meaning is to depict the battle of Mandalay, where the enemy was successfully repulsed, and at the feet of the soldiers, the flags of the enemy’s army and the swords of the enemy are carved into the image of trampling.
The erection of the statue of “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” in the Russian Federation is a reflection of the brotherly and cooperative spirit of the two countries, which will not go astray. — MNA/KZL

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