Only when all ethnic armed organizations join the peace process under the law will the election be free and fair, says Senior General

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Taninthayi Region endowed with plentiful of natural resources as sound foundations has good potentials for the future, said State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in meeting with cabinet members of Taninthayi Region government, departmental officials and town elders at the hall of the regional government office in Dawei yesterday morning.
First, the Senior General heard reports on regional development tasks, water supply functions, the establishment of the international fish auction market, electrification, hotels and tourism, and issuance of citizenship scrutiny cards presented by Region Chief Minister U Myat Ko.
In response to the reports, Union ministers and the deputy minister clarified the resumption of airlines to Myeik, Dawei, Kawthoung and Bokpyin, choose of new railway routes for smooth flow of commodities, agriculture and livestock farming, fishing process, technical sharing for small-scale industries, systematic management of natural resources, projects of electrification, implementation of Pankhinn project to issue CSCs, the teaching of economics and law subjects at Dawei and Myeik Universities, opening for a marine science training camp, upgrade of roads and bridges, and COVID-19 vaccination process in the region.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that the Tatmadaw did not seize the State power and it serves the duties under the Constitution (2008) as part of maintaining the strengthening of multiparty democracy. The Union Election Commission was reconstituted in line with the five-point roadmap to inspect the voter lists and other appropriate tasks under the law.
Prevention of COVID-19 is very important, and the government strived for overcoming the third wave of the pandemic in July and August amid various difficulties. The government connected with various countries for taking vaccines and vaccinating the people accounting for more than 50 per cent till the end of December 2021.
As the country is based on agriculture and livestock, efforts are being made to accelerate businesses for the nation. The development of a country depends on good transport, communication, electrification, education and health sectors.
If the country is not peaceful, it cannot hold the correct and fair election. Only when all ethnic armed organizations join the peace process under the law will the election be free and fair. Hence, efforts are being made for the restoration of peace in 2022 by holding peace talks. The government is striving for holding informal meetings to enable the non-NCA signatories to participate in the peace talks.
Taninthayi Region has 70 per cent of rice sufficiency and it buys rice from other regions and states. If the region can produce foodstuffs and personal goods at home, it will contribute to local people being prosperous. Hence, the region needs to strive for yielding 100 baskets per acres of paddy, up from 70 baskets so as to ensure rice sufficiency of the region.
The Senior General stressed the need to systematically use quality strains of seeds, fertile soil and natural fertilizers to have the high per–acre yield of crops. Moreover, it is necessary to seek water sources for local farmers.
He also pointed out that priority must be given to the regional food sufficiency. Moreover, it is necessary to seek the market for exportation of frozen meat, fish and dried meat to international markets.
As Myanmar is at the lowest level of life expectancy with 67 years in ASEAN, people need to have the consumption of nutritious foods and healthy lifestyle. Consumption of fish, meat and vegetables must enhance the health sector.
As the country has lesser school enrolment and literate per cent, it is necessary to encourage the education. Legacy of literature must be given to new generations. Students need to take the opportunities of learning for their life as well as development of the State. The Senior General urged all to develop the fish-based industries for economic development of the region and socio-economic development of the people. Arrangements are being made to implement the projects of the rail transport along Mawlamyine-Dawei-Ye railway and Yangon-Mawlamyine-Myeik-Dawei railway. Businesspersons must be invited to operate steel, cement and glass industries in the region.
The Senior General also stressed the need to improve the sports standard at the township, region and national levels as the government fufils the facilities of sports grounds, gymnasiums and training aid.
Taninthayi Region endowed with plentiful of natural resources as sound foundations has good potentials for the future. Local people need to encourage education for the emergence of systematic businesses. —MNA

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