Over 720 foreigners granted permanent resident permits in Myanmar

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MoIP Union Minister chairs the coordination meeting to grant permanent resident permits yesterday.

The permanent resident permit system for foreigners in Myanmar started on 19 September 2012. As of 20 July 2022, there were a total of 726 applicants and their families and 648 persons have been approved by the Union Government Office.
In implementing the Permanent Resident System-PR System, there are four types of permits: professionals, businessmen who want to invest in Myanmar, ex-Myanmar citizens who have obtained other citizenships and will contribute to Myanmar, and foreigners who are related by blood to Myanmar citizens.
Regarding the permanent resident permit applicants in Myanmar, the coordination meeting of the Central Committee for the implementation of the Permanent Resident system-PR system and the interview evaluation of those who have been verified by the Central Committee were held at the Ministry of Immigration and Population in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.

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MoIP Union Minister chairs the coordination meeting to grant permanent resident permits yesterday.

At the meeting, the chairman of the central committee, Union Minister U Khin Yi said that the permanent resident permit system for foreigners is important for national development. It is a method that helps a lot for the country to earn foreign currency and generate long-term interests.
The process was carried out in accordance with the PR rules, and among the applicants, seven were rejected according to the PR rules; one cancelled the application; 39 applicants and their families (12 persons) remain to be interviewed and evaluated by the central committee due to the closure of airlines due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Now there are 11 more applicants and seven families, so there is a total of 50 applicants and 19 family members, totalling 69 persons.
Among them, 21 persons, including family members of those who have been pre-screened by the working committee and those remaining for the previous interview, were interviewed and evaluated at the meeting, and 12 main applicants were also interviewed and evaluated.
In meeting with such applicants, it is reported that they asked and discussed the conditions of being able to live under the existing laws and regulations, and evaluated and approved the decision. — MNA

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