Public notice on cash fraud transactions from bank accounts

The cases were opened against some unscrupulous persons at Thingangyun and Mayangon township police stations as they made a cash withdrawal of K102 million from a KBZ Bank Account of a woman from Thingangyun Township of Yangon Region on 6 February, another K37 million from KBZ Bank Account of another woman from Kamayut Township on 9 February using online.
A special investigation team was organized to arrest these swindlers and investigated bank accounts that received money transfers based on technology. On 12 February, six suspects – four males and two females – opened bank accounts that are used for transferring money and resold the accounts.
They confessed that they sold the accounts at K10,000 per account to the swindlers. According to their words, the other two suspects – one male Nigerian and his wife – transferred and withdrew the money from a bank account using a communication network on 16 February at Building No C-4 of Star City Housing No 1802 in Thanlyin Township together with evidence including cash.
According to their confession, the officials arrested another three Nigerians at Star City Housing in Thanlyin Township and continued their investigation.
They confessed that those who will make swindles on KBZ Pay Account searched their targets by posting documents online regarding the upgrading processes of KBZ Pay Level via their Facebook account and Facebook page. They can know whether a person opens a KBZ Pay account using their phone numbers on KBZ Pay applications. They contacted the account owners pretending as KBZ bank staff from the KBZ Pay level upgrading department.
They then said to their human targets that they will upgrade the KBZ Pay level and resend the OTP to them. Then, they insert the OTP into the application and completely control the KBZ Pay Account.
They also persuaded the victims that they will link the KBZ Pay with the Bank Account and ask for the Bank Account number and ID number. They then told the victims to suspend the use of KBZ Pay while upgrading the KBZ Pay Account Level and the KBZ Pay Account can be frozen while using two persons at the same time. Then, they transfer the cash to other KBZ pay accounts that they purchased. The victims can know only when they log into their KBZ Pay Account.
According to these methods, the crime breakers can know the data as some people highlight their Email account, phone number, personal data and address of workplaces on social media and Facebook and so they can get the chance to make cash withdrawals by transferring the money. Therefore, people should emphasize their email, phone number and personal data and should not sell anything by opening a bank account except for personal needs.
Action will be taken action against the offenders under the law. Those who are involved in the cases living outside Myanmar will be uncovered by cooperating with international police forces. The news has been announced for people to be aware of such cases.—MNA/KTZH

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