Security forces attacked while removing roadblocks in Bago

Security Forces were attacked by groups of rioters while removing road barriers solidified by the rioters on the streets in Bago yesterday.
The incidents happened four times yesterday. About 30, 50 and 80 rioters used handmade guns, fire bottles, arrows, handmade shields and grenades to attack the security forces.
The security forces confiscated weapons used in riots in “Khin” beauty salon located on Satpine 4 street in Nantawyar ward around 10 am and deactivated two handmade mines set by wires under the sandbag near the salon.
Similarly, another handmade mine found near a lamp post on Santawtwin road, Nantawyar ward, was also deactivated by the security forces.
Two members of the security forces and two rioters were injured, and one rioter was dead during the incidents, and evidence of confiscated grenades and ammunition indicates small arms were used.
Rioters have solidified steel barriers, tires and sandbags on the streets and roads of the wards in Bago since the last few days. They have been threatening the people who live around the roadblocks. Due to their shouting after using drugs and drinking alcohol at night and the high level of concern for fire hazards, people who want to live in peace asked for help to end the devastation by sending letters and calling to the administration bodies. — MNA

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