SIM card registered name, CSC number to be checked with immigration information

People are pictured registering SIM cards to use mobile phones.

The Department of Communications announced on 19 September that the citizenship scrutiny card number and phone SIM card registered name will be checked against the information in the Immigration Department, and if it is not identical, the SIM card will be deactivated.
According to the verifications of the Directorate of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Transport and Communications, some SIM card users have changed their names, and it has been found that information such as the citizenship scrutiny card number is used without filling it in correctly.
Now, the name filled in for SIM card registration, and citizenship scrutiny card number will be checked against the e-ID Database information from the Ministry of Immigration and Population.
Users should use their registered name (original) when purchasing and using SIM cards, and use the citizenship scrutiny card numbers only if they can be correctly filled in and properly registered.
In addition, if it is found that the information is not correctly filled in the currently used SIM cards, these SIM cards will be closed.
Therefore, telecommunication operators and SIM card sellers should correctly revise and register information and systematically follow instructions, and if the instructions are not followed, action will be taken according to the rules and regulations.
Consumers should register and purchase SIM cards by filling in their information correctly and re-check whether the currently used SIM cards are correctly registered. To ensure that the SIM cards they are using are not blocked if they are incorrect, they should obtain the online service of the respective mobile operators.
Mobile Shops are also notified in the announcement to register and use the correct information in time. — TWA/GNLM

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