Theravada countries’ embassies in Brussels hold Buddha Day ceremony

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The photo depicts guests attending the "Buddhist Wisdom for Inner Peace" Dhamma Puja ceremony in Brussels on 26 May.

Myanmar Embassy to Belgium and the European Union, and the Thai Embassy and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Brussels came together to hold the Dhamma Puja ceremony with the title ‘Buddhist Wisdom for Inner Peace’ in commemoration of the Buddha Day on 26 May, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The ceremony was held at the residence of the Thailand ambassador in Brussels, with the attendance of ambassadors from various embassies and their family members, along with guests from Belgium and the EU.
During the Dhamma Puja ceremony, the monk Ajaan Chandako of the International Forest Monastery of Thailand (Wat Pah Nanachat), who is visiting Belgium for a short stay, preached Buddhist teachings on how to live a life in the complex modern era and demonstrated meditation techniques to the guests. The event successfully concluded after the monk answered the guests’ questions about the teachings of the Buddha.
The Dhamma Puja ceremony is an initiative by the embassies of Theravada Buddhist countries based in Brussels to promote Theravada Buddhism in Belgium. — ASH/TH

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