25,868 applications sold for JLPT

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People are waiting for purchasing Japanese Language Proficiency Test application forms on 6 August in Yangon.

A total of 25,868 applications were sold for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) to be held in December 2022, the Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni (MAJA), and the JLPT Examination Organizing Committee (JLPT) announced on 6 August.
In the announcement, applications sold to students at N3, N4 and N5 levels for the Yangon Examination Board are 25,868.
There are 999 forms for N3 Level for students who submitted online forms in July 2022 test, 2,084 for N4 Level and 18,035 to schools.
It is about a half of the total number planned to be sold for Yangon. It is reported that the number forms for individuals at N5 Level sold is 4,750.
Similarly, the number of applications form sold at individual level for Mandalay is 100 at N1 Level, 300 at N2 Level and 556 at N3 Level, totalling 956.
Since 5 August, the sale of exam applications has been suspended, and will no longer be sold, and the remaining test applications will only be accepted through the online system.
Currently, the test organizing committee is negotiating to increase the number of examinees to be accepted through the online system. It is reported that officials will announce such number in the near future. MAJA has announced on 5 August that applications for the JLPT in December 2022 at N4 Level in Yangon will be accepted through the online system as more than 5,000 young people rushed to purchase applications for the N4 Level test at 4:00 am. causing a crowd.—TWA/GNLM

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