2587th Buddha Pujaniya festival to last for 20 days at Magway Myathalun Pagoda

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Pilgrims are seen on the platform of the Myathalun Pagoda in Magway.

The 2587th Buddha Pujaniya festival of Magway Myathalun Pagoda will take place for 20 days from the 10th waxing of Thadingyut to the 14th waning of Thadingyut, according to U Aung San, a member of the pagoda board of trustees.
More than 1,000 stalls will be allocated for the festival, and currently more than 300 stalls have been built.
“Until 2019, we arranged stalls at the festival for pilgrims from all over the country. Starting around 2020, when was the time of COVID-19, we stopped doing the amusement programme and only celebrated the pagoda festival without fail. This year, we will make the event again. A total of 1,080 booths are planned.
“As a fun event, funfair programmes are not included. However, for the kids, there will be a pirate ship, a rotor, and other amusements. For pilgrims from all over the country, free lounges with water and electricity supply are planned for 1,000 people.
“Paritta reciting event will be included in the festival. When the Pathana recitation is celebrated, there will be offerings of alms cash to the monks. A total of 1,500 monks will include in the recitation. On the night of the full moon, 9,000 lamps, 9,000 joss sticks, and 9,000 flowers will be offered to the pagoda. Pilgrims from all over the country are invited to join the event,” U Aung San added.
The festival was held every year in the month of Thadingyut, but it was stopped from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will resume this year.
Pilgrims come to Myathalun Pagoda to pay their obeisance. On normal days, the number of pilgrims comes from 800 to 1,000 per day. On full moon days and public holidays, the number of pilgrims rises to about 4,000 per day. — ASH/KZL

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