Appreciation for 22nd Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference & Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar

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Traditional Medicine health knowledge to the community

In Myanmar, traditional medicine has been regarded as an invaluable national heritage and flourished significantly as a major part of the Myanmar culture. In line with the direction of the Union Government, the Ministry of Health has accorded it, as one of the priority activities and exerted all-out efforts from all perspectives for strengthening the provision of traditional medicine services to the people. The provision of traditional medicine services is at the basic health services level to make essential traditional medicine easily accessible for the benefit of both urban and rural populations. It also supports and uplifts the health status of the people of Myanmar in the context of primary healthcare. Particularly for the rural population, traditional medicine is still a priority and has been carried out in the mode of preventive focus, getting along with the traditional values and the traditional art of treatment. The cultural values of traditional medicine have been handed down for generations, sustaining its potent therapeutic milestones, till the current era.
According to one of the objectives of the Social Affairs of State Administration Council (SAC); “To elevate the Health and Sports sectors inclusive of all the people, improving the longevity and health of the nation”, the Ministry of Health (MOH), Myanmar, laid down the two objectives, to enable every citizen to attain full life expectancy and enjoy longevity of life, and to ensure that every citizen is free from diseases.
SAC Chairman Prime Minister’s message to the 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference and Symposium Seminar, “the Ministry of Health, Department of Traditional Medicine, University of Traditional Medicine, professionals and representatives from related ministries, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Association, and representatives of traditional medicine practitioners from all over Myanmar, Traditional Medicine Technical Advisory Group, Association of Myanmar Traditional Medicine Industries Incorporated etc., will have good discussions and consultations leading to fruitful outcomes of the conference and symposium, this 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference and the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar, delegates will be engaged in friendly, open discussions and consultations in unity, submitting proposals to provide more public health services through traditional medicine”.
To do that, the Ministry of Health is organizing to continue to conduct the 22nd Myanmar Traditional Practitioners’ Conference and Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar which is one of the leading community-based events of its kind bringing together traditional medicine professionals in the various traditional medicine fields around the national and international. The organizing committee is delighted to welcome all traditional medicine professionals to this conference dated 20th to 22nd December 2023 at Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory.
The 22nd Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference and Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar will be held with the following objectives:
To cooperate with related professionals and international organizations for the development of traditional medicine,
To develop safe and high-quality traditional medicines,
To train to become qualified traditional medicine practitioners to provide more efficient health care to the population, and
To provide public health care more effectively by Myanmar Traditional Medicine.
Before conducting the conference, the traditional medicine practitioners doing the preconference activities such as traditional medicine health knowledge to the community, traditional medicine health care to the community as well as older persons and monks and nuns, etc. all over the country.
It’s wonderful to express appreciation for the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference and Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar. This conference will play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the advancement of traditional medicine practices. The following are the key points for appreciation;
Preservation of Cultural Heritage: This conference and seminar provide a platform for traditional medicine practitioners to share and preserve Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage. This is essential in maintaining and passing down traditional healing practices to future generations.
Knowledge Exchange: This facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among practitioners. This helps in refining and enhancing traditional medicine techniques, ensuring their effectiveness and relevance in contemporary healthcare.
Integration with Modern Medicine: Bringing together traditional medicine practitioners, promotes dialogue and collaboration with modern medical professionals. This integration can lead to a more holistic approach to healthcare, combining the strengths of both traditional and modern medicine.
Research and Innovation: This contributes to the scientific validation of traditional healing methods, increasing their acceptance and integration into mainstream healthcare systems.
Networking Opportunities: Participants can establish valuable connections and networks during the conference. This fosters a sense of community among practitioners, creating a supportive environment for ongoing collaboration and shared learning.
Public Awareness: This helps raise awareness among the public about the benefits and importance of traditional medicine. This increased awareness can lead to greater acceptance and utilization of traditional medicine practices.
Professional Development: Practitioners attending the conference have the opportunity to enhance their skills, stay updated on the latest developments in their field, and participate in workshops or training sessions that contribute to their professional growth.
Cultural Exchange: This serves as a platform for cultural exchange, not only among practitioners but also with attendees from diverse backgrounds. This promotes a deeper understanding of different cultural perspectives on health and well-being.
Celebration of Diversity: Traditional medicine is often deeply rooted in cultural diversity. This celebrates this diversity, showcasing the unique approaches and traditions of Myanmar’s traditional medicine practitioners.
Future Collaboration: Express optimism for continued collaboration and future conferences and seminars along with emphasizing the importance of such events in sustaining and advancing the field of traditional medicine.
In conclusion, our sincere appreciation to all the respected professionals in the field of traditional medicine for contributing to their knowledge and experiences, which will be a valuable historical platform in traditional medicine for future generations and in the promotion of accessing traditional medical care services for all people. The 22nd Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference and Myanmar Traditional Medicine Seminar is a creditable initiative that contributes significantly to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of traditional medicine practices as well as plays a vital role in creating a bridge between tradition and modernity in healthcare.

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