China-Myanmar Agricultural Cooperation Committee holds preliminary meeting

U Kyaw Swe Lin, Director-General of Myanmar’s Planning Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, and Mr Zhang Zhenhua, Deputy Director-General of China’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, recently convened a high-level online meeting. The aim was to coordinate vital arrangements for the China-Myanmar Agricultural Cooperation Committee.
During the meeting, the two sides deliberated on deepening cooperation by sharing species resources, initiating joint research projects in agricultural science, and conducting practical trials of agricultural technologies for tropical crops. The discussions also encompassed plans for tropical crop training and collaboration in breeding fish and shrimp. The establishment of a contemporary fishery development zone and measures for transnational animal disease control were also on the table.
Furthermore, both parties expressed keen interest in partnering on animal breeding efforts and establishing an education centre for agricultural and livestock farmers. They explored the possibility of conducting joint studies on animal nutrition, disease control, and breeding measures across their universities. Another focal point of discussion was the potential establishment of an international standard molecular biotechnology research centre. — MNA/TH

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