Minbu District enjoys agricultural water from 19 solar-powered irrigation projects

Minbu 3 sskm
Farmers using solar-powered irrigation facilities are seen at their farms in Magway Region. Photo: Maung Maung (Minbu)

According to the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department, 19 solar-powered irrigation projects have been implemented in Minbu District with a loan from the State economic promotion fund to improve the socio-economic life of the regional farmers from the townships and to increase the crops yield.
It is known that 19 solar-powered irrigation facilities have been approved with a loan of K78.365 million and now the crops are being cultivated successfully.
Staff Officer U Soe Nyunt Linn from the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department said that K 5.625 million was loaned to each farmer at a low interest rate with one-year loan period. The irrigation facilities are supported by the technologies to supply agricultural water to crops in difficult areas.
It is also reported that the local farmers can implement triple crops a year thanks to new solar-powered irrigation system. The system utilizes underground water and provides a dependable water supply whenever crops need it. This replaces the traditional reliance on rainwater and reduces fuel costs for farmers. Furthermore, the system is expected to boost crop yields and improve the overall socio-economic life of farmers. According to the mentioned department, the State economic promotion fund will be used to expand this solar-powered water supply system to other townships in Minbu District. — Maung Maung (Minbu)/TRKM

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