Clarification of Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Information Team Leader of State Administration Council, on firing near Kyaiktiyo Uphill Transport Bus Terminal

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SAC Information Team Leader Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun.

Q: It was heard that firing was opened to some pilgrims who came to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Kyaikto Township of Mon State for paying homage this morning. It was learnt that some pilgrims were dead and injured. I’d like to ask you to release information about that incident.
A: An incident of opening fire happened near the Uphill Transport Bus Terminal in Kinmunchaung Village of Kyaikto Township at about 10:25 am today (12 October 2022). According to the local witnesses and investigation by security forces, some 12 PDFs arrived there by car from Hsaungnainggyi Village of Kyaikto Township. Afterwards, taking a position on the road 50 yards east of the bus terminal they opened fire on the bus terminal with the use of 40 mm small arms. In the incident, three women of the pilgrims were dead and nine men and 10 women, totalling 19, were injured. One member of the Myanmar Police Force discharging security duty was injured. The injured were sent to Kyaikhto People’s Hospital and arrived at the hospital at about 11:40 am. If necessary, arrangements are being made to provide treatment to them at military hospitals.
First, I’d like to say that the government was very sad about the dead and injured people. It can be seen that so-called PDF terrorists commit terror acts against the pilgrims by firing. Such an incident happened after the emergence of the news that the person who assumed himself as president of the NUG terrorist group recently pledged to accelerate continuous attacks. So, we will continue the clear-cut assault against NUG/CRPH/so-called PDF terrorists. Security forces are in hot pursuit of PDF terrorists who fired at the bus terminal near Kinmunchaung Village.
On the occasion of the Thadingyut this year, the people throng the eminent religious edifices following Myanmar traditions. Terror acts are direct encroachment on race, and religion. I’d like to urge all the people to oppose NUG, CRPH and PDF terrorist groups and cooperate with the security forces in carrying out peace and stability of the region, and peace and tranquillity of the nation. We pledge to decisively take security measures. — MNA

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