3 pilgrims killed, 19 injured in brutal attack of KNLA Brigade 1 and PDF terrorists, subordinates of NUG and CRPH in Kinmunchaung to Kyaiktiyo

The KNLA Brigade 1 and PDF terrorists, the subordinates of NUG and CRPH brutally attacked the Kinmunchaung bus terminal of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Kyaikhto Township of Mon State using heavy and small weapons without any reason yesterday, and it was reported three pilgrims were killed and 19 others wounded.
While the people visited the Kyaiktiyo pagoda peacefully after the Buddhist Lent, the KNLA Brigade 1 and PDF terrorists, the subordinates of NUG and CRPH arrived at the bus terminal by car at about 10:25 am yesterday and opened fire with heavy and small weapons brutally without any reason, and went back to Hsaungnainggyi village.

It resulted in three females being killed and 19 others – nine males and 10 females – being injured. The security forces provided proper medical treatment and sent the victims to Kyaikhto People’s Hospital. The security forces conducted operations to take action against the terrorists who are on the run.
The NUG and CRPH accelerated their destructive actions by begrudging the people for visiting pagodas and places of recreation across the nation after the Buddhist Lent.
The current case committed by KNLA Brigade 1 and PDF terrorist groups under the instruction of NUG and CRPH highlighted their brutal attack in religious areas where the people who are not related to the military peacefully make good deeds and it also breached the Geneva Convention and International Law for committing war crimes. The security forces will conduct counter-terrorism measures to take action under the Counter-Terrorism Law, Penal Code and existing laws. The people should inform the security members regarding the movements of the terrorist groups secretly. – MNA

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