Efforts made to develop livestock, meat production sector of Mandalay Region

The deputy minister inspects the lab tasks.

A meeting with district level officials from Mandalay Region was held on 30 July at the Mandalay Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.
At the meeting, officials discussed goals of the department and completion of work for the 2022-2023 financial year, farming of animals and production of animal products, cattle disease vaccination activities and artificial insemination activities, establishment of livestock breeding zones, inspection of animal feed, medicines and animal products, farming demonstration and research farms and health inspection conditions to export animals abroad.
The deputy minister gave a speech.
After that, lab tasks of Mandalay Region Department were inspected.
At the Institute of Agriculture in Patheingyi, the teaching aid farms of the institute were inspected.
The deputy minister discussed the conservation of fish resources, development of value-added finished product production based on agricultural and livestock products, increasing private sector’s investment and systematic use of irrigation water without wastage.
It is reported that the need to calculate the life of the crops and the need for water and irrigation systems were also discussed.—MNA

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