EPS exam to be held on 29 September

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Myanmar workers were seen before leaving for South Korea at Myanmar International Airport in July.

The EPS-TOPIK (Employment Permit System) qualification test will be held on 29 September 2022, according to the announcement of POEA.
EPS exam for agriculture and livestock farming is scheduled to be held between 29 September and 27 October. The first batch for the manufacturing job test will be held between 31 October and 29 December. Between 3 January and 3 April 2023, the second batch of entrance exams for manufacturing jobs will be held. Those who want to join construction industry can take the exam between 17 April and 15 May 2023.
The test dates for the first and second batches of manufacturing jobs and construction jobs can change, the statement mentioned.
The EPS-TOPIK tests for manufacturing and construction were earlier scheduled between 16 August and 15 October 2022. However, verification of the high number of EPS candidates delayed the exam.
More than 37,000 people submitted an EPS-TOPIK applications in July 2022 and the majority of them are from regions and states outside Yangon.
Employers in Korea will recruit potential candidates among those who passed the EPS-TOPIK test, according to POEA.
Sending workers to the Republic of Korea temporarily halted in June 2020 amid the coronavirus consequences and resumed in December 2021. Over the past year, 42,832 successful candidates were officially sent to the Republic of Korea. There are about 27,000 Myanmar migrant workers legally working in South Korea. At present, the government of South Korea is continuously recruiting new workers and experienced workers.
The minimum wage in South Korea stood at 9,000 Won per hour in 2022. As there are employment protection legislations in South Korea, many persons are keen on finding jobs in South Korea, the Ministry of Labour stated. – TWA/GNLM

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