Exporters and importers seek a tool to curb skyrocketing exchange rate

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A foreign currency seen in a photo, gaining high value at grey market.  Photo: Xinhua

Myanmar traders involved in export and import business are not happy with skyrocketing exchange rates, said Daw Khaing Khaing Nwe, the secretary-general of the UMFCCI in a meeting held at the Central Bank of Myanmar on 19 August to discuss the dramatic decrease of Myanmar currency value against foreign counterparts.
“The current exchange rate practising in grey market is unreasonable and is much more than it should be. Basically, changes in exchange rate may vary depending on the demand and supply, but we cannot accept the current situation of unreasonable rise in exchange rate,” she explained in the meeting.
Meeting participants discussed the factors that contribute to skyrocketing exchange rate, measures to be taken to bring the exchange rate to normal and the opportunities to cooperate between organizations and traders in pursuit of stable exchange rate.
Some importers are taking a privilege to buy US dollars at the rate of K2,920 offered by the Central Bank of Myanmar, but they mark the commodity prices in reference with exchange rate of grey market, making consumers to suffer. The UMFCCI and its partner organizations will collaborate to eradicate such unethical dealing practices, according to the presentations at the meeting. Illegal trading is gaining momentum, prompting exchange rate to rise uncontrollably and special investigation teams are cracking them down, said an official at the meeting. — TWA/TH

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