Misinformation: Man dissatisfies with people’s military law died within hours of being arrested in Kyangin

Kyangin sskm
The screenshot validates false reports.

Malicious new media are spreading false information on social media that a man who expressed dissatisfaction with the People’s Military Service Law died within hours of his arrest in Shwetaungsu Ward, Kyangin. The true incident is that a group of administrative officials was collecting population censuses on 7th Street in the ward at 9 am on 20 March, when U Than Tun Aye, a resident of that street, thought that the census was being taken for the people’s military service law, he insulted the members of the administration and behaved rudely.
As a result, the officials reported to the relevant authorities step by step and explained the matter to him in a meeting at the ward administration office, but he did not accept it.
Therefore, an official from the police station came to pick him up but he said that he could not follow him and that he would come to the police station by himself, and arrived at the police station in his rickshaw. Meanwhile, a man who lived in the same neighbourhood and his sister arrived at the police station and was being questioned by a female sub-police inspector, who was on duty at the police station, when U Than Tun Aye, who originally suffered from epilepsy, had a seizure. The duty officer allowed the elder sister and her companion to take U Than Tun Aye back, and the sister expressed her gratitude and said that she would apologize to the relevant officials and arrived at the General Hospital at 9:30 am in the accompanying rickshaw.
Unluckily, U Than Tun Aye died at around 11:30 am due to a seizure while receiving medical treatment. Malicious news media is intentionally circulating fabricated stories to destroy what the Union government is doing to train its citizens under the law and regulations and to serve in the military for the defence of the country.
Citizens can access information about people’s military service through national media’s news and broadcasts about militia service and at the website named https://mod.gov.mm/node/74. — MNA/KZL

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